For the child in us all

After the Pelham Company was Sold

After Bob Pelham died in 1981, his wife and son kept the company going until 1986 when they were eventually forced to sell up.They had tried so hard to keep it going but with the economic climate of the time it just became too much of a struggle and so an era came to its end.

A London businessman Charles Wrey bought the company.It became Pelham Puppets (Marlborough Ltd). Mr Wrey moved the premises and streamlined the puppets produced but he failed to make a success of it and sold it  again in 1990 to Anne Wilkinson

The company changed hands a few times in the final years but eventually it was wound up completely on April 18th 1996.

Pedigree ended up with the rights to the Pelham name and these were sold to David Leech in 2008. He has produced a new line of Pelham puppets aimed at young children.

Its widely believed that the true Pelham puppets are the ones produced before 1986 by the original Pelham company and its these puppets that have really become collectable .

The candy striped boxes were produced for the first time in 1987 and the puppets that they contained are approximately 20 years old. However these  puppets  were not produced in particularly large numbers and can  still be difficult to find and fun to collect.

The white faced Rupert bear which came in a candy striped box is actually very rare.

The new Pelham puppets

David Leech who worked for the original company has been producing new string puppets since 2008. His puppets are again individually manufactured and seem to be aimed at younger children,They have a very modern characteristic style of their own and cost about £40.00 each