For the child in us all


 Time and time again I am asked about the value of individual Pelham puppets. Well value depends on a few factors.

The condition of a puppet is very important.There will be a vast difference in value between a puppet in mint condition  and a  puppet that has been very well played with.

The older wooden puppets from the early fifties are generally much more valuable than the later puppets of the seventies/eighties which usually have more plastic parts.

Having the original box with the correct name of the puppet and its original instructions and even the original tissue will make a difference to value.The condition of the box like the puppet will also make a difference.

The rarity of a puppet affects value. For collectors the harder a puppet is to find the more it is going to cost them to buy it.

So with these factors in mind I am going to write a list of Pelham puppets with approximate values.Don't forget though that these are approximations and at the end of it all a puppet is worth what ever someone is prepared to pay for it.It will take me a little while to sort this page so if your puppet isn't listed and you want a value just email me.


These values include the puppet being boxed

 The 63 Range

Elephant £100

Wolf £40


Bulldog £500


Hedgehog £200

Pirate Mouse £300






Queen £40



Old Man £50

Mother Bear £150

Father Bear£150

Baby Bear£100

Mother Dragon £50

Baby Dragon£20

Frog £20




Fifi the Poodle £200

Scottie dog£500

Katy Caterpillar£350

Seahorse £100


Gypsy £8

Mitzi £8

Fritzi £8

Cowboy £20


The Dandy £300

Witch £20

Nurse £30


Pinocchio (early versions)£100

Pinocchio (later versions)£30

Maid Marian £150

HumptyDumpty £150

Nigger Girl £70

Donald Duck early versions £70

Donald Duck later versions£30

Jiminy Cricket £200-250

Pixie and Dixie £50 each

Mr Jinx £100

Yogi Bear £100

Huckleberry Hound £100

Pirate (early version) £150

Pirate (later version)£40

Pirate girl £150

The Dandy £300

The Villain £300

The OldMan (early version) £300

Later version of old man with long whiskers Blue coat and large shoes £30-50

Henry VIII and his 6 wives (display) £800-£1000

Separate Queens of the set £100-£150

Henry VIII £200

Pinocchio Early versions £70

Pinocchio later versions £25

EarlySM white faced clown £350

Friar Tuck £150

Mickey Mouse first version £70-100

Minnie Mouse First version £70-100

Later versions ofMickey and Minnie Mouse £30-£40

Hansel £18-30 Depending on version

Gretal £1-30 Depending on version

Cinderella Yellow Boxes £25

Cinderella First version £50-70

Harlequin Clown £350

Wonky Toys Made previous to Pelham Puppets £300-600

Hank £400

Individual glove puppets £20-30

Wuff Tuff and Snuff on one control £180-200

Wuff £30-50

Early Donkey £70-£100

Early versions of cat £70-100

Later versions of cat £15-30

Early Parrot £125

Early Duck £125

Huntsman £300

Huntsman with his tan coloured horse £450-600

Early versions of black and white horse £75

Later versions of black and white horse £20

Early clowns £30

SS clowns £10-20

SM clowns £15-30Baby

 Baby Bimbo early version £70-£80

Baby Bimbo later versions £35

Clever Willie Early version £80

Clever Willie Later versions £40-60

Pierrot Clown JC £40

Pierrot Clown SL £75

Woodenhead clowns and other characters £5-10