For the child in us all

Bleep and Booster

This was a children's cartoon series by William Timym (pronounced Tim) originally shown on the famous children's programme Blue Peter. There were 313 five minute episodes which were shown between 1963 and 1977.

      Bleep was an alien from the planet Miron/Myron with a spaceship, whilst Booster  was a young human who travelled with him.They went on galactic missions for Bleep's father.

The planet Miron/Myron is portrayed as being built almost entirely out of chrome, with its capital at Miron/Myron City. The inhabitants are portrayed as robot-like creatures with flexible arms and legs like rubber hoses. Their feet are cupped and they had antennae and a third eye in the centre of their foreheads.

The cartoons were animatic animation, still pictures which were slowly panned, with narration. The voices were by Peter Hawkins

The Space Friends