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Handy information



There were quite a few types of hands used on Pelham Puppets and these did change over the years.  You can to a certain extent date your puppet by looking at the type of hands it has.

The earliest puppets had carved wooden hands made from one piece of wood and attached to the arm with two screw eyes.

Following this came flat lead hands that did not display fingers.  They looked very roughly made and were attached with screw eyes and waxed string.

In the late 1940’s large lead hands were used on SM puppets as well but these only used one screw eye to attach it to the arm.

Composite hands with open fingers and bulbous fingers were also made in the fifties and were used on JC puppets and Jumpettes.  They used a screw eye and were tied on with waxed string.

Then came composite hands in the 1950’s. They had an obvious thumb on the underside, closed fingers and a curve in the hand itself.  A later version used on a lot of hatter boxed puppets did not have such a prominent thumb on the underside and had a much straighter hand but you need to look carefully to see the differences.  These were attached to the arm with two screw eyes.

There was also a smaller version composite hand that came a bit later.  It had closed fingers and was attached with two screw eyes as well.

The Disney characters were given white hands with three fingers and a thumb in the 1960’s.  The older Disney characters had three black lines painted on the back of the hand. They had a screw eye into the hand and were attached to the arm with wax string.


 Hands from 1948-1986

The Wonky toys had very simple hands carved from one piece of wood.There was no detail at all.They were joined to the arm by two screw eyes



The lead  hands found on the early brown boxed puppets. These were very simple and tied to the bamboo arms with waxed string at the wrist.

These composite hands were found mainly on standard puppets that came in the yellow hatter boxes. They were attached to wooden arms with two linked screw eyes.There is a tendency for these to rust over the years.


These were smaller composite hands .

Cinderella and the fairy were given these hands plus forearms for a short time in the 1970's..

 The composite hands found on the early jumpette puppets The fingers were quite bulbous.They had a screw eye fixed into them and were tied on with waxed string.

These were the round wooden hands found on Florence and the wooden-head puppets. They were just tied on with waxed string.