For the child in us all

The Well Dressed Puppet

Right from the beginning Pelham puppets were dressed with care. Most of the clothes were individually made for each puppet and the materials  were mostly of natural origin.

Attention to detail was important. Puppets were given felt buttons or felt flowers. Feathers were put in caps and puppets often had accessories like musical instuments or broomsticks.


Though the oufits followed  basic patterns, lots of different cotton prints were used to make the skirts for the tyrolean girls or the shirts for the pop singers giving a bit of variety and choice to the buyer.


Some puppets were very detailed indeed. The Beefeater was  an example of this and his outfit  made from pre-printed material,was amazing.He looked just like the real thing.

Some special puppets were made into historical figures  and again their outfits were highly detailed. with beads and lace.


                                         Sir Walter Raleigh