For the child in us all

Types of Feet

Half ball feet- found on LS andJC puppets and jumpettes(blue yellow red  or green)

Wooden toggle feet- found on most standard puppets.(black brown red blue yellow or green) A metal strip was used to attach them to the legs.

Composite toggle feet- found on  some standard puppets after 1962 (black brown red blue yellow or green)-These were used in conjuction with the plastic legs. they were fastened on with waxed string that was slotted through both the foot and leg.They lacked the flexibility of the previous wooden feet with metal joints.

Moulded feet-63 Range and some other puppets

The same moulded animal feet were used on Scottie Dog Huckleberry Hound and many others.

Ballet shoe feet- found on the ballet girl and sometimes the fairy.

The turned up shoe -found on the Wizard and the King.

The large flat shoe-found on Bimbo and the old man.

The more unusual feet-found on only certain puppets.



Donald Duck

Baby Dragon