For the child in us all

Faking It.

Over the last decade Pelham puppets have taken the interest of many and are now more collectable than ever.Unfortunately this is leading to people deliberately faking characters either to try and make some money or more innocently to fill a gap in their collection.

It is  made all the more easier to do, because the puppets are made of parts that can be interchanged or replaced from other puppets.There is a big difference from replacing a broken hand from another similar puppet in an effort to restore it to actually making a rare puppet from a vast variety of cheap parts with the intention of selling it.

From time to time these fakes appear.Usually they can be easily spotted by the trained eye and most dedicated collectors will recognise something that doesn't seem right when a dodgy puppet comes to light.It is a good idea to keep an eye on the forums because quite often when a fake appears the news spreads rapidly and you can be forewarned.

This fake appeared on Ebay in February 2011  Someone was obviously trying to make an unusual puppet from the parts of an early witch.


 This little donkey is not what it seems. This puppet was made for me by a very talented friend as a present. It is not a genuine Pelham puppet though you might find it very hard to distinguish it from the real thing.


  This copy of Caesar the dog was not intentionally made as a fake.Some-one made him from one of the animal kits and of course he looks very like the original.It shows how easy it is to mistake a copy for the real thing

 Compare it to a picture of an original Caesar puppet and you will notice the differences.The shape of the head and the main body are nothing like the original and the beads of the neck are a totally different shape and the copy has a bead at the end of the tail.