For the child in us all

The  Instruction Sheets

All Pelham puppets were sold with instructions in one or form or another.These basically told you how to make your puppet move, store your puppet,and how to join the Pelpup Club. They did change over the years. 

There does not seem to be a lot of information about the types of instructions but again the correct instructions in the correct box will add to the value especially if they are in mint condition.  The brown boxes usually had an early set of instructions printed in black or blue often accompanied by a letter from Pelpop. These older instructions were on a large folded sheet and had a look of being hand written, though they were printed. They are very pleasing to the eye and I think much nicer than the later sets.  The older junior control puppets found in brown boxes had instructions printed on a blue or green sheet and were intended for infants.

 Eventually with the change to the yellow solid boxes a smaller set of standard instructions was printed in normal type and these continued to be used right up to the change over to window boxes.


What is important here is that when Britain went over to decimal coinage on the 15th of February 1971 the instructions changed slightly.  The fee to join the Pelham Puppet Club went from 2/6 for life membership (Hatter box) to 2/6 for a year’s membership (snake charmer box) to 15p for a year’s membership and then to 25p for a year’s membership (window boxes). These changes can help you date the time your puppet was manufactured. 

Some of the earlier window boxes continued to have the same instructions that were put in the later snake charmer boxes, but eventually these were changed to a smaller slip of paper and there were actual instructions printed on the back of the boxes anyway.

  The animals had their own version of instructions as stringing was different from the standard and SM puppets and there was a separate set for the junior control puppets as well.



Some early instructions

These came in the brown boxes which were labelled infant control.

These instructions were put in with the brown boxed puppets.


Instructions in the Candy Striped Boxes