For the child in us all

Pinky and Perky

Pinky and Perky were created by Czechoslovakian immigrants Jan and Vlasta Dalibor. The puppets, who had limited movements looked very alike. Pinky wore red clothes and Perky blue, but this distinction was little use on black and white TV, so Perky often wore a hat.

With permission the Pelham company created their own versions of Pinky and Perky. Pinky was created with red clothes but he also wore a red beret not like his TV counterpart who had no hat. Perky was created with blue clothes but Pelham's Perky did not always wear the blue beret. Some were made with one others without. Materials for the clothes varied as well. Some piglets had shirts with large checks whilst others had shirts with small checks.

  Pinky and Perky sold well for Pelham as the little pigs were such popular TV characters for over 14 years.They disappeared from the TV screens in 1971.