For the child in us all

The Pelham Puppet Theatre

The theatre was sold for many years by the Pelham company to give children the opportunity to put on shows with their own puppets.It was a great success and a lot were purchased. It was well designed and easy to assemble and store.You could also purchase background scenes but in the Pelpup News children were also encouraged to make their own.

The Pelham Puppet Kit

This was sold to allow children to design their own characters.The kit was made up of the basic pieces to build a puppet then it was up to the children to paint the faces and add the clothes. The kit in the picture is in mint condition and they are hard to find like this as most of them were used for for the purpose they were intended for .... to stretch children's imaginations.

Drum Kit

Witches' Broom

Jiminy's Umbrella

Farmer's Rake

Devil's Trident

Mac Boozle's Bottle