For the child in us all





If your collection starts to grow then storing your puppets can become a problem. Once you have a hundred plus than an extra room is useful.  Many people like to display them but this is actually not such a good idea.  Sunlight acts just like a bleaching agent and if they are hung in direct sunlight then they will fade.  Displaying for short periods in a sunlight free room is a much better idea if that is possible, but storing them in their own boxes most of the time in a damp free environment is probably best…but not as much fun as the puppets are characters to be looked at, played with and loved or what is the point of collecting them!

Some collectors not only like to keep the original instructions, but they also keep the original tissue as well.  If you do this I advise putting the old tissue at the bottom of the box and wrap your puppet in fresh acid free tissue paper instead. Next wrap a layer of bubble wrap around the tissue  and put the whole parcel snugly inside the box. The puppet will be reasonably safe even if you drop the box .

I also put three of the "Hatter", "Snakecharmer" or "Brown" boxes into larger card boxes so the exteriors  are protected as well. Two Cello boxes will fit into the same boxes nicely too.

With Cello boxes I turn the sliding lid round so the cellophane window covers the back of the base. This protects the cellophane and makes the box more solid and protective.



 Cello boxes stored on their sides

add te.

Two cello boxes side by side


Three brown boxes fit in exactly