For the child in us all

What do all these initials mean?


SS   Puppet with a wooden ball head and painted features and toggle feet

SM   Puppet with a moving mouth, in the

DL   Deluxe Puppet 1985 


SL = Puppet with a moulded head or head and body parts.  

LA, LO, LB, LD, A = Small animal puppets.  

LS  Simple dancing puppet. Wooden ball head with painted features, threaded bamboo legs and half ball feet, strung on a T- bar control,  

JC  Most probably the obvious of all prefixes known as the Junior Control! An 8" tall, wooden ball headed puppet strung on a T- bar control.  

LM  Used for Lanky Man only

LL= Used for Lulabelle only


GL= Glove Puppet with a moulded head. 

GS= Glove puppet with wooden ball head. 

GM= Glove puppet with a moving mouth. 

MR= Magic Roundabout Characters. 

WH= Wooden Head Characters