For the child in us all

The Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement.

This page has totally nothing to do with Pelham puppets but is my opinion of the Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement.

If you are just a bit sick and tired of the rotten things in our society and wish you could change the world for the better then you should have a look at what the Venus Project and Zeitgeist movement are about.There are links on the links page.

I have found the movement to be very open and I applaud the ideas they put forward. 

They are not some weird sect nor is anyone in the movement looking for fame and fortune.They are just people wanting to work together on an equal footing to change the world for the better and maybe save our planet before its too late and we tip over to a point of no return.

We have been educated and conditioned to live in a political society where there is  a never ending competition to survive in a monetry system.It seems money is what motivates everything.Our society is a consumer society. So much of the worlds rescources are being wasted with our continual greed to make money. Eventually the money system will break down. It cannot continue to  be sustainable and in the meantime we will destroy our home Planet Earth  If we took money out of the equation and became a global resourse based economy we would perhaps begin to move in the right direction where it would be possible for all people of the world to be safe and happy.

Do have a look at the links

The aims and goals of the Zeitgeist movement

1. Conserving all the world's resources as the common heritage of all of the Earth’s people.

2. Transcending all of the artificial boundaries that separate people.

...3. Evolving from a monetary-based economy to a resource-based world economy.

4. Reclaiming and restoring the natural environment to the best of our ability.

5. Redesigning our cities, transportation systems, and agricultural and industrial plants so that they are energy efficient, clean, and conveniently serve the needs of all people.

6. Evolving towards a cybernated society that can gradually outgrow the need for all political local, national, and supra-national governments as a means of social management.

7. Sharing and applying all of the new technologies for the benefit of all nations.

8. Using clean, renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, geothermal, and tidal power, etc.

9. Ultimately utilizing the highest quality products for the benefit of all the world’s people.

10. Requiring environmental impact studies prior to construction of any mega-projects.

11. Encouraging the widest range of creativity and incentive toward constructive endeavor.

12. Assisting in stabilizing the world’s population through education and voluntary birth-control to conform to the carrying capacity of the earth.

13. Outgrowing nationalism, bigotry and prejudice through education.

14. Eliminating any type of elitism, technical or otherwise.

15. Arriving at methodologies by careful research rather than random opinions.

16. Enhancing communication in the new schools so that our language and education is relevant to the physical conditions of the world around us.

17. Providing not only the necessities of life but also offering challenges that stimulate the mind, emphasizing individuality rather than uniformity.

18. Finally, preparing people intellectually and emotionally for the possible changes that lie ahead.

Why I advocate the Zeitgeist movement


Every person born on this planet has the right to be here for the duration of their lives. Every person is born naked and brings not a thing with them and when they die they take nothing away with them. All human beings under the sun should be equal in that all the resources of the planet are shared between them fairly. Every person should have their basic needs met. Every child born into this world should receive an education and every adult should be able to reach their full potential in any field which matches their intelligence and capabilities with their knowledge being shared and used for the benefit of all. Every human being has a right to be happy in life. Happiness should not be just for a chosen few.

Today this is not happening for the majority of human beings that inhabit the earth. A small minority of people seem to control everything as they have wealth and power while a large majority of people just manage to survive or do not survive at all.

It is our monetary system which is to blame. It was not always a bad system It served a purpose when everyone was employed in paid work, but today it is out dated because there is not enough work to go round the whole population. Today machines are replacing people in the work place and machines don’t need to be paid wages so business can make more profit using a machine instead of a person. Once people become redundant they are left without a means to make a living. Life then becomes pretty unsatisfactory and stressful for them.

This monetary system we live with every day has allowed people to display certain behaviours without them realising the outcomes of these behaviours  are actually detrimental to their way of life. Competition in the monetary system sets man against man and group against group It causes stress at the highest levels in some individuals. People are indoctrinated from a young age. It is good to be successful and to be the better than the rest. This might seem to be the right thing to teach but for those that fail it can lead to a life of misery and in a monetary system no matter how you try not everyone can be successful.

In our economic system we have a very small group of people who hold the wealth and power and who make the main decisions in the guise of democratic government and then we have an enormous group of people who are unbelievably accepting of this system. Most don’t realise how they are being manipulated because they are already conditioned by the system. They have lived the system all their lives and most believe money is needed to facilitate their lives.

The key is education. We need to provide information. We need to make people actually think about their position in the world and to realise the monetary system is totally outdated. We need to teach people to change their attitudes and throw off their conditioning. We need to teach people to think in a different way…that there is an outside to the box as well. We need to teach them that we need solutions to the problems of starvation, and ecological damage to our planet and that the monetary system we have today is the cause of most of our problems and dissatisfaction with life.

We do need to find an economic system that will work for the worlds people as a whole. If we don’t the monetary system we will fail our planet and Earth may never recover from the ecological problems that are staring us in the face right now.

The main problem facing us in changing the monetary system are the attitudes of the rich and powerful. They see and know that they have control and they will want to keep power. The masses all find this socially acceptable due to their conditioning and most will have never even thought about making a challenge.

We need to educate people that it is OK to challenge the present outdated system for something better. We need to look after the world and all the people who inhabit it and by that I mean every living individual so there is a better future to come for mankind. We need to break down barriers of race class and creed completely and share the world’s resources for the good of all.

That’s why I advocate the Venus Project and the Zeitgeist movement.